Review for Hiai Mousou Vol.1

Review for Hiai Mousou Vol.1

A new teacher, and a girl who wants him.

So, my newest venture in creepy manga for Halloween! Featuring a disturbed girl, a new teacher, and a story that gets better with each chapter. And also creepier. Way, way creepier.

The manga starts with our teacher in the hospital, what happened to the poor dude? Well, find out in this manga. Which starts relatively calm and easy, the teacher introduces himself, we see his home situation (married and having a child), and then the day starts. He meets his class, meets Noeda-san. Noeda-san starts her game, as I would call it that. She makes sure her new teacher sees what she is doing when the library doors close (she is the school’s librarian). She makes sure to tempt him. Makes sure he has eyes for her. And she does so in multiple ways.

I loved that this manga is dual POV. Most of it is from the teacher’s POV, we see the events through his eyes. We see him try to dodge Noeda, try to discourage her from doing things, try to navigate the minefield that Noeda’s is laying out for him. We see how his home situations grows less and less good/fun. It was quite nice that we see things from a teacher’s POV, generally we see it through the eye of the girl (and maybe boy, I can vaguely remember reading a book with a boy stalker). But we also see Noeda’s. See her plot and plan, see her turn more evil, see her masturbate (yes, really).

Yes, the masturbation scenes were a big no no to me. Especially given they seemed very extensive. Not to mention the things she used (like a table or a pen) to come. Yeah.

I am also sad to see that our teacher’s home situation is escalating. If it has to do with underlying tension from Noeda-san, or if this marriage was doomed to fail, I don’t know, but we can clearly see that Noeda-san is picking the fruits of this. I have to say I am a bit sad that the marriage is falling apart, as I was actually hoping for it to stay stable. To give that balance. To make sure that he wouldn’t fall for Noeda-san’s tricks.

There was one scene that seemed to be x, but then turned out to be y. Dang, I hadn’t expected that twist.

I am also curious about Noeda’s home situation. The one time that our teacher mentions her dad, she screams and looks absolutely terrified. What is going on? Is she being abused?

Oh, I loved that Noeda looks so cute and adorable/bookish, but yet she is a yandere ready to pounce.

The last pages of this volume, ohhhh boy, yandere supreme. That was just in many ways creepy. I would even define it creepier than all the other things she did.

So, since I got a whole day off (with just a few household things to do) I will keep on reading, especially since this one only has three volumes.

All in all, if you are looking for a creepy manga, and don’t mind masturbation, then read this one.

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