Review for Hiai Mousou Vol.2

Review for Hiai Mousou Vol.2

The second volume in our psycho love story!

A ton of things happen in this one and things start to get dangerous and creepy.

Like what happens when the teacher has a party at Noeda’s house (with other teachers/principal) and he bumps into her when she comes out of the shower (he should definitely not have done that, why didn’t he just turn away, or grab the towel and put it around her). Or when he tries to confide in a psychologist at school (who probably has the correct diagnosis, and I loved how open and accepting she was, it must have been hard for the teacher to open up given the topic).

Oh boy, we find out why Noeda is so broken… I actually felt sorry for her. That dad is pretty horrible to do that. Yes, she has terrible grades, yes, she is slipping, but is that anyone to treat someone? Especially in front of another person? It seems that quite often in manga the parents are just all craycray obsessed with grades. 😐
And, I guess the teacher shouldn’t have done that, then again, I can imagine why he would do that. I would have done the same, even if it would have made everything messier in the end.

Noeda is clearly breaking further and further apart. Can someone help this girl? But, even though I was horrified by how she spiralled down, it was also interesting to see? I am not too sure how to word this one right, but with each passing page I wondered if it could get any worse (hint, yes).

Our girl has now fully stepped into stalking her dear lovely teacher. She apparently even knows his schedule, and she is not only familiar with his daughter, but also with his wife. Oh, man.

I just loved Noeda’s expressions in this one. They were already amazingly done in the previous one, but they went up a notch here. Pure Yandere gold here.

I am happy to see that the relationship between his wife and him seemed to go a bit better in this one. They even had a talk, though I guess if the wife knew what kind of stuff Noeda was up to she wouldn’t be so relaxed about it. But, given the ending? Well, I guess crap is about to rain upon everyone near the teacher.

And of course, let’s not forget the masturbation, we still have that, and also some more nakedness. Because the way to a guy’s heart is stripping yourself? At least, this is according to our yandere girl, Noeda.

So, this one was even better than the first one. I just couldn’t stop reading, and before I knew it I was done with the volume. Wow. Um, and darn, because, as I said in my review for volume 1, there are only 3 volumes! Argh!

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