Review for I Scream, You Scream!

Review for I Scream, You Scream!

The second for me in the Scary Tales series, and while fun, there were times I didn’t like it.

I mean, I was mostly confused. I had a suspicion this was all part of the game, after all that is the premise of the book, but there were other parts that just left me confused. Like the ending? What is Samantha? Do her parents know? Why does that eccentric person want that? Why does Samantha like to think about anagrams? Why is homework a fear? (I can imagine hating it, but fearing it?)

But the game part was exciting, it was just so obvious to me that it was all a big game, too many coincidences and things that seemed odd or out of place. It was a pretty intricate idea though, and dang amazing that someone could create this world. It reminds me of a show that I recently saw on Netflix.

I liked seeing Sam show bravery, how she went back to get Andy, how she tried to protect him, how they tried to get out of this place. Those poor bats though, but I guess it was needed. Plus, Andy, wow!

It was a fast read, before I knew it the book was over, and as you can see from the first paragraph, left me quite confused. Though I would also love to try that ride/game. I wonder if there are any consequences, what happens if a monster or alien catches up to you? How real is this game?

Like the other book in this series this one also has illustrations. I am not too sure if I felt the style fit that well with the story. With the book about the Doll it felt perfectly fitting, but here it felt a bit weird in places.

All in all, this one was still a fun read, with creepy moments. I just wish I had more answers!

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