Review for Loading Penguin Comics: Heartwarming Comics from Chibird

Review for Loading Penguin Comics: Heartwarming Comics from Chibird

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I never seen these comics before, or I should say, I have seen them before, but only as GIFs. 😛 So it was quite a surprise to see this one on Netgalley, and I was curious what would be in this bundle.

Well, I certainly felt warm and fluffy and happy when I read it. This was just the book I needed in these days full of stress and worries. Which causes my self esteem to take a nosedive for the worst. This book just oozes positivity and encouragement. Of course with all the cuteness and sweetness. From penguins to ghosts to some comics featuring, what I at least assume, the artist herself.

At times it was a bit too much, I think that this is more of a book you want to open up at random pages whenever you feel bleh and need motivation.
I really noticed that I did get a bit tired of all the: You can do it’s, you are amazing after 30 pages of it.
It is like with many things, you need the right amount of things, if it is too much you will start to dislike it.

The art is very adorable, the style fits well with the positivity and encouragement this book oozes.

All in all, definitely a book I would recommend. Again, maybe not to read in one go, but definitely something to add to your collection to open on those hard and bleak days.

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