Review for Mistaken for a Mistress: Harlequin Manga

Review for Mistaken for a Mistress: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

And the third Harlequin manga! I am devouring my way through the 5 that were just added to Netgalley! Sure, they are filled with drama, but there is also romance, and I just adore that each one has a different mangaka drawing the story!

So, in this one we have a girl, who is mistaken for someone’s mistress. Yep. Doing research? Why would you? Because if you did we wouldn’t have this hilarious story. If they had done research they would have instantly known that the little kid was her brother, and it was her mother who was the mistress. 😛 Plus, come on, she is like 30? Maybe younger? How do they even think she is her mom? I had quite a laugh that she just went along with it. GO girl! I was kind of curious to see how far she would take it, and how long it would take them to find out who she actually was. Ah, I couldn’t wait. grabs popcorn for that inevitable drama that is going to happen

Can I say that I was disgusted with how everyone treated the girl, or I should say their thoughts about her mother and her position as mistress. 😐

Yes~ Yes~ The drama can start now that FINALLY someone noticed it. Haha, I just loved everyone’s reactions to it.

After that I kind of tuned out. There was just too much blablabla and too little romance for my liking. Thankfully around page 100 there is a change, and boy, I loved it!

The Contessa, what an absolute insert some mean words person she is. Bah. Disgusting.

The story definitely picked up, and that ending swoons that was just so sweet and gorgeous.

The art was pretty decent, I say that, because the adults look all perfectly fine, but Paul, the little kid, looked more like a chibi, and at times his proportions were a bit weird.

All in all, it was a bit bland/boring at times, but there were times that I really enjoyed myself. In comparison with the other two I read this one was pretty tame. 🙂

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