Review for More Terrifying Tales: Scary Stories for Children

Review for More Terrifying Tales: Scary Stories for Children

So, David and Shawn Kobb are back with another bundle of stories that will creepy you out! Perfect for Halloween!

I read their first bundle last year, and I found several stories in that bundle that creeped me out, gave me goosebumps. Cellars with monsters, ghosts, witches, and more. I was very delighted when I got a comment on my blog from David Kobb that there was to be another 2 books filled with creepy stories. The first one is this one, and of course I had to get it as soon as it came out just a few days ago.

The book starts off right with a wonderful dual introduction. How different they are, yet you can see in David’s introduction that there is something wrong, safe? Ha! I also loved those last sentences. You are safe and Sweet dreams….

For each story I wrote a small review and given each story a rating.

Story 1: The Girl that Crawled out of the Painting: 4.5 stars. 

So, when I saw this title, I immediately thought of The Ring, the girl who comes out of the tv. I was instantly curious if this one would be just a scary, or if the girl who just be sweet and kind (ha, who am I kidding).

This one was very short, but oh dang, it was creepy. I didn’t even mind the shortness, if anything, I don’t think it should have been longer. It is all about paintings, beautiful paintings, and hey doesn’t that girl just look like the MC? Wow. I already am not a fan of paintings with people or faces on them, but this one made me sure to just run away if I am ever in a dark room with them. I have to say that I knew, due to the title, but also due to what the old lady did, how the story would unfold. Still, I was at the edge of my seat when things happened.  Fantastic start of this short story collection.

Story 2: The Corn Maze: 5 stars.

Ah, corn mazes, I always hear about them in books/see them in movies, but I don’t believe I ever seen one here. I would love to walk through one, though given all the horror stories surrounding it… eh, I may still try it. And oh hell, this one was as creepy, no, wait, creepier than the previous story. Holy. Man. Yep, remember that I said I wanted to explore a corn maze? Hell, to the nope now. Meet our MC, Emily. She and her friends are finally big enough to be allowed in the corn maze on their own, but then things start to go very weird and strange. Scarecrows, of course, why not? I was creeped out from the moment the girls noticed something was off. Something was wrong. That ending, holy.

Story 3: Better Lucky Than Good: 2 stars

Eh, after two scary stories, this one was pretty great (plus gorey), well up to the end. How did Jason not notice anything? I get that he was on his phone, playing his game, but he should have noticed something. There is something lurking in his hallway, there is something at his door, there is something in his room, and yet there he is, not noticing anything. Plus, I have many questions. What is that creature? Is it always around? How does one survive in the night, I mean, really, you can’t just hop to the lights when some big thing with teeth and claws is next to you. Has it always been around? Do people know about it? Argh, too many questions. Too little answers.

Story 4: Wind Chimes: 3 stars

Wow, I never thought a story about wind chimes could be so exciting! I was already wondering how it would become a horror story, and at first it seems it was just an old man’s superstition, until one night! From that moment it started to go from unsettling (as even though it was mostly the old man and his windchimes) to OMG nope, nope nope, let me just hang up a few more wind chimes. 😛 I had never expected him to place the wind chimes for that reason, and I have to say I was saddened by the ending. I still have some questions as to whatever was haunting Mr. Shevchenko, and what will happen next. But I guess we will never find out and we will have to think of an ending ourselves. What will you pick? A happy one? A scary one?

Interlude: A Body in the Hollow Tree: 4.5 stars

A poem/verse/whatever you want to call it. 😛 I am not always a fan, but this one was pretty nicely done, it was creepy from the start to end, though I also felt sad for the kid.

Story 5 (for real now): A Gromple in the Garage: 2.5 stars.

Gromple, gromple, gromple, GROMPLE! Be aware what you may find in your garage!

And ah look, a kid who thinks he can just do whatever he wants (really, you are 13, yes you need a curfew, especially if you act like this). Garage cleaning, how fun. Well, it would be if there wasn’t something lurking there. Dum dum dum.

The kid was pretty dumb though, I would have ran the hell out of there. Left that eye thing or whatever it was to stay there. Far away. Then again, it may just have come out of the drain somewhere in the house… mmm. Burn it all? RIP? Also, why would that thing want to go to the mall, gee I don’t think it is for the food courts. But eh.

I am glad he finally realized, but dang bro, that is way too late.

So yeah, it was a good story, but our MC was just way too dumb. Like how did he think this would end? There is a creepy eye, making creepy noises, and you don’t think anything of it? Whut?

Story 6: Revenge of the Digital Babysitter: 1 star

“He wondered if a computer program could be insane.” I can answer that, yes, they can. Believe me, there are enough shows/books about AI/computer stuff going bonkers and killing people.

I knew the guy was screwed when his parents left. Come on, a digital babysitter? No way for him to go out? Yup, have fun. I have to say this wasn’t particularly scary, instead I was just laughing at the silliness of it all. Especially that ending. Not my favourite story.

Story 7: The Dead Yards: 2 stars.

This was such a good story, but it ended way too early. I had actually hoped to see our MC go to the Dead Yards, at night during a moon, to check out the story. Instead we get a scary story about a Conductor who is still wandering the earth, and that is it. The story the dad told was reasonable creepy, but yeah, it wasn’t WOW. I had expected some more twists and turns.

Story 8: The Bravery Test: 3.5 stars.

Ohh, a bravery test. On Friday 13th with a full moon. Through 13 cemeteries. Oh dang, things are going down. Our MC is going to have to be really brave, and he is planning it. He wants to save his family’s reputation (no clue why he is only mentioning his dad/granddad, didn’t his mom/grandma or any other family members try?).

This was pretty terrifying, especially when the zombies popped up and started stalking our group. And then began the chase and the run to safety, but will they find it? Will they make it through the night? I still have questions. Why do the zombies rise? Do they only rise on this day? Where do they go afterwards? Are the ones who fail eaten? Would the zombies rise if the there were no kids to chase? Still a good story, and I had fun reading it, I definitely would chicken out of this bravery test, I can tell you that. Up to the point of just wandering around I was fine with it, but the idea of zombies following your butt, no thank you.

Story 9: The Catchya Man: 4.5 stars

I first read this one as The Captcha man. 😛 Then I read again and saw the true title. It was a short story, but it was a creepy one. About a guy who would Catch ya and then take you to his lair. And he is always hungry, always hungry, always hungry. Thankfully, I am not a kid, so I guess I am safe? I hope? Please? I have a wedding to plan and other things!

I do feel that this one would have been better as the last story? Instead as the … story. This would have been a terrific ending and a very nice fright. I kind of expected this one to be the last one given those last sentences, but then, goes to the next page there was another story.

Story 10: The Thing in the Mirror: 4.5 stars

Yeah, nope, nope nopeity. I am not a big fan of mirrors thanks to many horror books, especially the Mary legend. And this one made me feel even more creeped out than most of the stories so far.

Meet Sarah, a normal girl, but then one day she notices something strange in the mirror. It is her reflection, or is it? They don’t seem synchronized in their movements, and the other Sarah seems to be very terrified. I had lots of fun reading and was eager to find out what the hell was going on. I can tell you that I had suspicions, but the ending all wiped it away. Dang. Nicely written!


A very good bundle with quite some fun stories that are bound to creep you out or unsettle you. Be sure not to read this one at night, which I thankfully didn’t. I was terrified as it was during the daylight. And I am sure I will have some very interesting dreams when I go to bed in 6 hours.

I would recommend this one, and I can’t wait for the next short story collection.

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