Review for My Daddy is a Silly Monkey

Review for My Daddy is a Silly Monkey

I read this book in Dutch, but will write my review in English.

First up, I have to say I just adore the Dutch title: Mijn papa is… beestachtig lief! Though now I see the English, mm, it might also be cute.

In this picture book a little girl tells us all about her favourite person, her dad. It is an ode to daddy. She tells us all the things he does for her and what kind of animals he represents when he is doing that. Like how he is a big bad crocodile when they brush teeth (then again he has a lot of teeth), or that he is a whale when they are out swimming due to how he splishes and splashes and plays. And then there are other animals as well, but you will just have to read the book to find out what other animals her daddy is while doing things.

My heart just warmed up at reading this book, and I also had a chuckle out of it. This girl really, really, really, loves her daddy, and I just kept going awww while reading. Yes, warning, this book is way too cute and fluffy.

The ending? Well, that was just the sweetest, I loved that they decided on that instead of going for something else. Yes, I want to keep it as vague as I can. 😛

Let’s see, what haven’t I mentioned yet? AH yes, the art. Not entirely my favourite, but still quite nice, especially some of the close-ups between dad and his daughter were lovely done.

So, I will just end with that I would highly recommend this one to everyone. Be warned it is extremely adorable and does contain many things that will make you go aww!

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