Review for Old Hat

Review for Old Hat

I read this book in Dutch, but will be writing my review in English.

Meet Harbet, which miraculously is also his name in Dutch, he has a very very Comfy Knitted hat, but he finds out that peer pressure is a real thing when animals around him make fun of him for wearing it (no clue why they never bothered him until now, as it seems that Harbet has had that hat for years).

Yup. Poor Harbet loves his old hat so much, but he falls for peer pressure and then tries to keep up with fashion, sadly, throughout the book, we see him fail as he is just too late for each trend. It is like the trends run away from him. There is even one time he is sleeping in front of a shop to make sure he gets the latest hat, you may now guess how that ends. 🙁 I felt sorry for Harbet, you could see him getting sadder with each trend passing him by and those animals saying he has an old hat.

I just hated those animals around him. They were just so rude and mean. So what if someone wears an old hat, so what if someone doesn’t follow the trends. glares I did get tired of it, I was just hoping Harbet would find a way to beat those bullies.

Thankfully, the ending accomplishes just that! And also Harbet learns a fun lesson, you should just be yourself!

The art, well it is Emily Gravett, so I just adore her style. I loved the way she drew all those eccentric hats (and there were some really silly ones).

All in all, a pretty hattastic book. And remember, be yourself!

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