Review for Ravens Pass: Curses for Sale

Review for Ravens Pass: Curses for Sale

A garage sale, fun and cheap things, but are these items good or are they evil? What will you bring home today?

I hadn’t expected this one to be so short. 😛 I generally don’t look at page numbers when I pick my books, and my kindle isn’t known for its accuracy in page numbers. Still, it was a good book, and I couldn’t stop reading it.

Meet Jace, a guy who is very lucky to find a toy car (though it is one of those big ones, one you can ride as a kid), but as soon as he starts driving in it, borrowing it to his friend, things start to get bad. The tone for the story was set. What was going on, why was the car acting like this?

I did wonder how they ever fitted in the car. At times the car seemed pretty big and I could imagine it, but at other times it was quite the tiny car, and both Jace and Sam are big boys. Oh well, I guess I will just leave it to you got to have a bit of imagination!

I loved how the story got creepier, and how things got more and more dangerous as the story unfolded.

We get a bit of background on the guy who sold Jace the car, find out what happened that may explain certain things.

Though the ending? Or I should say that chapter before the last chapter, oh boy, I didn’t see that coming. I for sure thought it was x, but then it turned out to be y. The last chapter… well, I guess that person is now screwed.

The book is also illustrated, which was a very nice surprise. It did make the book even more fun (and at times creepier) to read. The art was OK-ish. Again, sometimes the proportions of people, cars, etc, seem to change, making things smaller or bigger.

But all in all, I definitely need more Raven Pass stories (and I do want to find out more about this weird town, what kind of other things are happening there, what kind of creepy things are lurking there?). This one is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.

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