Review for Road Trip with Max and His Mom

Review for Road Trip with Max and His Mom

After the wonderful book about Max and his father and their weekends, we continue but this time it is Max and his mom and their weekend!

I was absolutely squealing when I saw this book, I loved the previous book, and I was curious about the road trip. What kind of adventures would they have? What kind of things would they see? And where would they go?

I was at times a bit frustrated with Max. I understand that it is a bit weird that instead of a weekend with his dad, he is going with his mom, but I wish he was a bit more enthusiastic about it. Also, really? Trying to get your dad to come with you? Sorry, but your parents are divorced, and it is pretty clear that they don’t really want to get close to each other any more. Also later he was acting weird when he found out his mom’s named wasn’t Amy, and that she had a different surname before she got married. He made it seem like it was the end of the world, while it wasn’t that big of a deal.
But Max also shows he can be sweet and kind again. I loved how he tried to make his mom feel better during the road trip (with the storm), and how he tried to include her into the picture for the scrapbook page.

The road trip was a bit short to my liking. Mostly as it was kind of confusing. On the one hand we read about it being a totally different state, that mom is making sure there is enough to do on the way there, the fact she didn’t want to drive in the dark (so planning motels), but then we read about that it only took 6 hours, they only stopped once, that it was just the weekend. Sorry, but make up your mind.

The birthday party was pretty fun, I loved that it took place in a theme park, that is such a wonderful place to hold your party (even if, given her age, the great-aunt can’t even do most of the fun things). I loved seeing Max bond with his family and go on an expedition (and making sure everyone had a job to do).

I did feel sorry for one moment, but thankfully everything turned out all right and he had a wonderful day with one of his favourite family members.

What happens before the road trip (the school inspiration speech, explorers and which one to pick) was also fun, and I was happy that Max managed to do that. Good job Max!

Of course, like the previous book, this one is also illustrated to the brim. I still adore the style of the illustrations.

All in all, I would love more Max x one of his parents books, and of course I would recommend this book to all.

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