Review for Slothilda

Review for Slothilda

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I vaguely can remember that I saw this character before seeing her book on Netgalley. Maybe Twitter? I will have to do some research later.

Meet Slothilda, a sloth who is very much like us humans. She is trying all sorts of things to improve herself, but also being lazy as hell. 😛 I know that Slothilda is my spirit animal. I am a very active person, but something I just want to curl up and be lazy. Just do nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe sleep.

Oh, oh, oh, that foam roller! That is me with something else. I bought an exercise/yoga mat last year with the full intention to use it, but I actually used it a few times, and then, forgot about it. Teehee. Thanks for reminding me, Slothilda.

Fully supporting her using the gym ball for self-defense! Also, doughnuts are a very valid options! Then again, maybe that is because I am highly allergic to nuts/peanuts, you got to eat something with nuts, and why not go for doughnuts? Right?

I just loved the illustrations, I do wonder how the book will look in real life, as with my ecopy it looks a bit weird to just have one image that, for most, only takes half of the page.

The book is split up in various parts. Like Home, Food, Money for example, with illustrations going with each topic. I didn’t have a favourite topic (I liked them all), though I have to say that the Fur Baby got realllllll close. Too much cuteness! eyes turn to hearts

Slothilda’s life was so much fun to see. At times I recognized things from myself or my fiancé in it. Oh, and can I say that I just adore the corgi! I love corgis!

The art was just the cutest. I was awwing at almost all of the illustrations, OK, maybe all of them, and I was wondering if it could get even more adorable (hint, yes).

All in all, a terrific-fun-adorable-cute-fluffy-slothy-lazy-can-we-go-to-sleep-already-or-eat-book, which I would recommend!

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