Review for Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert

Review for Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert

I read this book in Dutch, but my review will be in English.

Meet Emma Bos, or as I will call as I much more prefer the English names, Sophie Johnson. She is a self-proclaimed unicorn-expert and will, throughout the book, show us why she is an expert (and she does know a lot about them). Though as we can see, when a real unicorn appears… she doesn’t notice. 😛

First up, why did the name change. I know plenty of Sophie’s (or Sofie), and sure, maybe Johnson isn’t that common here, but given some surnames that I have seen floating around, I think Johnson is a perfectly fine name.

Secondly, at times I was worried it would get a bit boring (or that I would get annoyed with Sophie), but in the end I had quite a few laughs, especially as with each page it seemed that Sophie was the only one who didn’t see the unicorn. Everyone else (dressed as unicorns) had fun with the latest addition. Our expert, the lady who knows all about unicorns, doesn’t see the one unicorn in the room.

The unicorn is a typical unicorn. White, with rainbow manes and tail. I quite like that they went with that instead of making a special unicorn.

The ending? I had a chuckle, it was quite fun what Sophie said, and I am glad that the author went with this as ending instead of the other ending that was also a possibility.

Plus points to the cover having shiny flecks, though a shame it is only the front cover and not the back (where Sophie is standing under an umbrella).

The art was pretty OK, my only complaint is that the unicorn looked a bit too derpy at times.

All in all, a fun book that will definitely make you smile.

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