Review for Sorry For My Familiar Vol.1

Review for Sorry For My Familiar Vol.1

Patty wants to tell you that she is really sorry for her familiar, Norman.

I am delighted that I finally had the chance to read this manga, I laughed so so much, it was hilarious. Not just the situation our hapless duo managed to get into (mostly because of Norman), but also Norman’s reaction to anything related to the devil/demon world. He is like an over eager child then, forgetting anything and everything (even Patty when she is riding his back). And so she has to say a lot of sorrys for all the things he is doing. Like blowing up tons of things during a battle, or when he steals yet another familiar to examine it.

I can hear you wonder why Patty even has a human as a familiar? Well, Patty isn’t the strongest devil. She is actually weak. Thankfully, she met Norman, who at the chance of exploring a whole devil world, jumped right into it.

Our duo is going for a journey, they have to find Patty’s worthless dad who ran off (he has some, OK, tons of, money problems) again. Or well, that is what Patty is doing, Norman comes with her but mostly sees it as an exploration of the devil world.

I loved Norman and Patty together, you can clearly see that they care about each other. Even though Norman is just human, he does protect Patty (he is seemingly quite strong).

I just loved their journey through the devil world, my, what a wonderful world it seems to be. With creatures small and big (including a very adorable baby chick with serpent tail), and all sorts of devils and demons with or without horns. I kind of understand why Norman is so excited about everything, though I wouldn’t be as extreme as he is, but I would probably also dash away at times just to check out this new thing/creature.

Poor Patty though, with each stop she finds out her dad is even more worthless than she already thought. Plus, she is just way too sweet, and she keeps spending her saved money on paying tabs for her dad. 😐 Girl, please, just keep that money for yourself.

Be warned you will laugh your butt off, I did! And I do want to say sorry to the people in the train, or outside the movie theatre (while I was waiting for my fiance). I just couldn’t help but laugh, I am sure you all would do the same if you read this one!

I adore the art style!

All in all, I can’t wait to see what the next volume will bring, hopefully I can get it soon. crosses fingers I would also recommend this one to everyone.

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