Review for Surprise! Surprise!

Review for Surprise! Surprise!

I read this book in Dutch, but will be writing my review in English.

Surprise! Surprise! There are a lot of surprises in this little picture book, from two normal people going for a little piggy, and then there is the ending (which I am still not sure of).

Meet our duo, they (or at least the woman) wants a child. I am just going to assume they tried all they could to get a kid, but at times it felt like they expected the child to just magically be in their home (so yes, I was telling them at times to just have sex and try that one out). Her husband sees his wife is very sad so he is going around and ask at stores for babies (yes, and this furthers my theory that they really expect babies to just magically appear).

As you can see from the cover, he find a baby big, and all is well in home. It did make me smile as the woman really brightened up and got so happy that she had someone to care for, someone to love. But alas the piglet grows and grows and I was sad that they stumbled upon roadblocks. Then again, I could have told them the road to growing up your piglet wouldn’t be easy. I had a laugh that they raised the piglet as a human.

The ending was a surprise, and I wonder why they hadn’t tried that in the beginning. Oh well, I guess then we wouldn’t have this surprising book to read. I kind of wished that the wish went the other way, but I guess these three would be happy either way.

The art is pretty cute, I like the style.

All in all, a fun picture book, but the story just didn’t make sense at time. But I am sure kids won’t see that, so it is all good.

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