Review for Swamp Monster

Review for Swamp Monster

The third Scary Tales book for me, this time with a swamp monster! Warning, it is behind you!

What happens when people don’t want to lose their job, and so turn away their heads when stuff go wrong in a factory? Yup, monsters!

Meet Chance and Lance (yes, really, their parents probably had so much fun naming them this way). They are twins, and they are living smackdab in the middle of all the creepiness (also known as toxic waste dumb with mutated monsters of doom). When we meet our duo they are on an adventure. Finding frogs for one, but also seeking out the bigger animals that may live in a swamp. The horror stupidity starts quite early (yes, I can forgive them for being in that swamp/river thing, they are kids, and I guess no one told the good poor folks that live in that part about the toxic stuff dripping down) with the kids taking an egg with them. I was shouting at them to put it down, back off, and even to run away. That egg has a mama, and I am sure mama won’t be happy with her baby gone.

What comes out of the egg? Well, I guess given the title you know what is coming out it. Now the main question is, what do the boys do? 😛 Indeed, keep the critter. Oh, it spits out black goo, has a nice red collar, fangs, and everything else. nods What could possibly go wrong. grins evilly

At least they took care of it. Build it a home. Tried to feed it (which had me in stitches, sure, give the critter chips and junk food).

I loved Rosie. I agree with the boys, she was amazing. A girl who can and will do anything she wants. Only, she is also just as dumb as the boys. Oh my! A monster! I want one! Ummmmmm, girl? Are all the people in this book so darn dumb? 😛

But hey, at least it got us an adventure through the swamp. Heavens, why are people still living here? That place is creepy as hell.

Fantastic job to the author to also giving us the POV of the mama monster.

The art was pretty OK, it did fit with this story, and I loved how the monster was drawn.

All in all, a few scary moments, but definitely not as scary as I had hoped. I was definitely hoping for lots of scares, lots of terrifying moments and I didn’t get them.

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