Review for The Great Telephone Mix-Up

Review for The Great Telephone Mix-Up

A tiny village finds out that maybe a telephone wires mix-up isn’t such a bad thing after all!

I have read a similar book before, not in theme, but with how the book is laid out. Simple text, not too much text per page, fun images. I really love it, it is a step above picture books, but still not as hard as chapter books might be. Perfect for those inbetweeners.

Back to the book. We see how during a storm the telephone wires get broken, for me I was like, well then grab your cellphone. From what I know everyone should have one these days (at least that is how it seems). But apparently this town is a bit too far away from everything and so they don’t have much mobile signal. Chaos ensues, and we see how various villagers are affected. From Margaret who needs to organise all sorts of things to Jean who wants to stay connected and make sure that if she falls or something happens she can call someone. I loved that the author showed us so many faces of the village.

Thankfully the phone company quickly fixes things, or do they? I had such a laugh at the incompetence of that company, and also how they reacted when someone calls them about it. Wow, how are you even a company? Then again, that reminds me of a situation much closer to home, they are working on the sewer here, and they didn’t tell us that we needed to empty the parking lots and spaces in between the lots. So now every time someone drives away they put the fence over that spot. 😐 I guess companies everywhere make mistakes. 😛

But I guess it was good that this mix-up happened. People got closer, people found love, they found a solution for the little boy who loved the climb (and got into a heap of trouble all the time because of that). The whole village got together to bring messages, bring love, and joy. It just brought tears to my eyes (and I am already an emotional wreck these past days due to stuff), and I was so happy for everyone. I hope that this closeness will be with them forever.

There are also illustrations, and I just loved their style. Oh, and bonus points to the fun cover that showed us all the people talking and having fun.

I would definitely recommend this book to people. It was cute, it made my heart flutter in happiness.

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