Review for The Legend of Kevin

Review for The Legend of Kevin

Meet Kevin! A magical flying pony with a big love for wafers (pink ones please).

One day, during a big big storm, Kevin gets blown away, and lands right smackdab against Max’s building. Who is Max? A little boy who would love a pet, and who is getting a new friend send to him like magic. I just adored Max and how he opened up his home for Kevin, how he stole some wafers to make Kevin happy (and even more plump than he already is, really, it surprises me that he can still fly with all that weight).

But this book isn’t just about Max and Kevin’s friendship (though it is a big part of it), it is also about the storm that is taking over the town. Yup, that storm that brought Kevin with it, also brought tons of water with it. So much water in fact that the town is drowning. Max’s parents are opening up their apartment for everyone (they are situated in a high place), but there is also something to do for Max and Kevin. Grocery shopping for instance, and later doing some other important things. I had quite a laugh how they went on to do groceries, and then an even bigger laugh seeing how others were grocery shopping. I had fun watching the mermaids enjoy their time at the hairdresser (and knew from that point what may happen near the end).

I had a bit of a laugh at Max’s sister. Who, after seeing Dracula, turned full gothic. She even talked like a few characters I know from anime (like Yoshiko from Love Live).

I just adore that we see the Sea Monkeys again (in their full annoying glory), but also Mermaids, and other creatures from previous Sarah/Philip books. For instance, in the pile of plushies you can see a cute pug! I had so much fun picking out the references and seeing how everything is connected in a way.

Plus, I do want to live in this world. Yes, the flood wasn’t fun (it was pretty terrible), but I love the community (how they all worked together and tried to help each other out) and the idea that this world hosts all sorts of creatures (mermaids, yay!).

Oh, and bonus points to the cute guinea pigs who had an adventure on their own.

The ending was just the most adorable thing. I am so happy for both Kevin and Max.

Of course I can’t forget the fabulous illustrations by Sarah McIntyre! <3

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