Review for The Loch Ness Monster Spotters

Review for The Loch Ness Monster Spotters

It is time for the family McFee to go another trip to the Loch Ness Lake to spot Nessie. Will they spot her this time? Or will it be another bummer?

I am also a big fan of Nessie, though I never went as far as this family goes. It seems their lives are fully focused on this creature in the lake. In this one our family decide to go on another journey to find Nessie, but one amongst them is in doubt. And of course it is the boy. Sorry, no harm meant with that, I just mean that in a lot of fiction it is generally the boy who is the first to doubt things, especially when they hit a certain age. 😛

As Finlay, our boy, can’t swim (Who can’t swim??? Especially at that age? But then again, I am always surprised to see characters in books/other media not being able to swim, it probably has to do with that in my country kids are taught how to swim very early on.), and there are only 3 life vests, so it is decided he stays on land. I was a bit surprised at this twist I have to say, as I was thinking we would follow the family. I just wasn’t that interested in Finlay, not with how he kept being bleh about Nessie. I get it, you may not believe it, but your family does!

But then things happen, Nessie appears, and yeah, I began to like Finlay. He was so sweet with Nessie, having so much fun showing her his book (and so the reader also finds out more about Nessie), sharing his sandwich. His love for Nessie was rekindled, especially when he saw that tiny surprise. But my love for him became bigger when he made a picture for his family, but then started to think on how the could possibly affect Nessie. I loved what he decided in the end. That is indeed the best suggestion, though of course, my heart broke seeing his family looking like that.

I hadn’t even noticed up to now (I also read one of his books about Bee Boy), although his name was very familiar, but in this one I could clearly see it. He was also the illustrator of one of my favourite series when I was a kid, Horrible Science! Eep! How fabulous!

All in all, a fun book with delightful illustrations. I had fun seeing Nessie, she looks a bit too sharp-teethed for my liking though. 😛 And I loved the family and that they were united by their love for Nessie.

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