Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 14-10-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 14-10-2018


Happy Sunday to all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend (filled with books). My weekend is pretty great, though a bit tiring. Going to visit a potential wedding location (eeeeeeep) soon.

So this was a fabulous week filled with tons of books! Let’s see, I read De eilandruzie, The Legend of Kevin, Amelia Fang, Robo Sapiens, Kom je erbij?.

My Paper TBR went down this time! Yes, I got one new book, one that was delivered on Wednesday/Thursday, but I read it on Friday. \o/

New Paper TBR Pile time! You can find some from last week, but also some from earlier TBR Updates.

As for my Kindle, well I read one of the Scary Tales (and yes it was good, as I was hoping it would be), and also read a few other ebooks that you don’t see in the Top 10, including books that I bought this week.

Sorry for the shortness, I am just all stressed (and excited) about the whole wedding thing (will it be a good location/etc.). Next week I will probably have a longer post for you all. I want to wish you all a happy Sunday, hopefully the weather is as good for you as it is for me (though I am kind of longing for autumn to finally arrive).

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