Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 7-10-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 7-10-2018

Hiya all!

It is time for a brand-sprinkling-new Sunday’s TBR Updates! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. 😘

So this week I haven’t really touched my paper TBR! I know, I know. But I am at least out of that reading slump I was in last week, which makes me a very happy person, as I was already worried I wouldn’t be able to start off Horrortober in regards to books. This week I was mostly reading on my Kindle (all the creepy books), reading library books, or getting through a bunch of Netgalley books (every time I get seduced by new books).

My paper TBR didn’t go down, but it did go up, quite a bit even, oopsie! Yup. I ordered some books last week, and a few got delivered. Also, thanks to the Kinderboekenweek, I bought several new books at the book store. Let’s see, a total of 7 new books.

So, with those 7 in mind, I have made a new TBR pile combining some from last week, and some from this week!

As for my Kindle, well I read Ravens Pass, More Terrifying Tales, and The Spook’s Apprentice, and One-Eyed Doll. I tried and didn’t like Next Best Junior Chef (stupid plot thingie), Murdertrending, and Devil In Ohio. I have made a brand-new Top 6, which includes some books from the same series as One-Eyed Doll, hopefully they are just as good. crosses fingers

And that concludes this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! I am off to read, read, and read (and read, read, read). I want to wish everyone a happy Sunday, and I hope you all will have a good week.

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