Waiting on Wednesday ~ Alive?

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Alive?

Evening everyone,

Wednesday is here, and in celebration of Halloween coming up, a warning-dead-people book! A book I will also feature in November during the Book Blitz, a book I totally need to read when it comes out. A book about a girl bitten by a zombie, but not quite a zombie yet, though she has got a definitely food love for some human meat.

Plus, something that many other books don’t do, is that this girl is still hunted by zombies! Yuuuup, this is something totally different from other books featuring a character who is semi-zombie-but-not-yet-totally-there-will-they-ever-turn-for-real? Generally, when a character gets bitten, but is immune or does change in ways, the zombies stay away from them. So, I am quite curious to see how this one will work out. And even more curious as to what team our MC, Violet, is going to be playing for. I am interested to see how she will cope with everything (not only the zombies, but also her taste for humans). Just a few more weeks until it comes out, I can’t wait!

Everyone knows the first rule of the zombie apocalypse: Don’t. Get. Bitten.

Too bad Violet has never been great at following the rules. Walking home after a night of partying, she manages to let one of the Dead take a chunk out of her only hours after they’ve begun walking again. Fortunately for Violet, she doesn’t die. Unfortunately for Violet—she’s not exactly alive, either.

Violet’s body is undergoing changes, and suddenly the taste of human flesh is not as revolting as it once sounded. Controlling her new urges will be hard. Living with survivors who have no idea will be even harder. And the real zombies? They still want to eat her, too…

Surviving the zompocalypse is tricky when you play for both teams.

New from author Melissa Woods, Alive? is a heart-pounding adventure with suspenseful plot twists, complex characters, and a dash of dark humor. Gritty and raw, Alive? is sure to keep you guessing, and will delight zombie apocalypse fans everywhere.

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