Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Omega Objection

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Omega Objection

Evening everyone!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday, and boy am I glad it is halfway through the week (so so busy)! Today we (my fiance and I) had our first house viewing, and we loved seeing the home as much as we did when we saw the photos. Wish us both luck, we really want to get the house, but there are other people who want it as well!

On to today’s Waiting on Wednesday! This week a book two in a series. A book about werewolves/shapeshifters, hot guys, romance, and lots of sexiness. fans herself I just adored the first book in the series (The Sumage Solution), and I am delighted that book 2 is almost out. Just a few more weeks and then it will hit the shelves. Eep! I am a bit sad that we have other MCs, but I am guessing we will still see them in the story given it is still about the same group of werewolves.

Plus, another hot cover! Phew!

Can a gentle giant with a trampled heart show a man who’s been running all his life that sometimes there are monsters worth running towards?

A werewolf walks into a bar.

Tank is working as a bouncer when he notices something odd about the new sexy-as-sin bartender. He’s odorless, he’s amazingly popular with shifters, and he’s terrified.

A man without a smell.

Isaac is trying to escape his past. He hides in San Francisco because everyone knows that there are no werewolves in the Bay Area.

Until one walks into his bar.

Can Tank figure out Isaac’s secrets in time to save him? And can Isaac forgive Tank for being a wolf in time to learn how to love?

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