What I Hope To Read November 2018

What I Hope To Read November 2018

Hi all,

A new month is coming, on the one hand I am happy (Christmas is coming), on the other, that means Halloween is nearing and the horror month is almost over. 🙁

This upcoming month (and December as well) is pretty quiet, well, at least in paperback (or that one kindle) land. If I still did this post the old way, meaning just selecting anything I wanted to read, I would have more. But yeah, hardcovers are just way overpriced, so it is only paperbacks or the occasional not-expensive (as a lot of them have hardcover prices) Kindle edition.

I am really excited about my pre-orders, especially the one featuring sexy werewolves/shapeshifters.

So ready to see the books I hope to read/add to my collection? Here we go!

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