Book Haul 17-11-2018 (Aka Boekenfestijn Part 2)

Book Haul 17-11-2018 (Aka Boekenfestijn Part 2)

Afternoon all,

Yes, yes, after a disappointing 7 books from my first Boekenfestijn visit 2 days ago, I wasn’t that eager to visit. But then I remember that certain tables do get updated quite often, so I wanted to give another shot. And my fiance didn’t mind coming along with me.

My fiance and I first went to Library #2 (which is conveniently close by), and then we headed towards Boekenfestijn. I immediately zoomed to the tables I knew would get updated, namely the tables featuring the last pieces (if that is the word, I am trying to find a better word for it, but until then I will use this). You can find some real gems in there. I quickly found 4 books, and I was just delighted, see, it was a good idea to visit!

At the YA table I discovered another book that wasn’t there last time (I guess the book originally there is now sold out), and at the English books for adults we both fell in love with a book about dogs and their celebrity owners.

So 6 books! I spend 15.44 euro, which means 2.57 euro per book on average. \o/

Now I got 13 books in total, and I can’t wait to read them.

Fashion Fairy Princess: Nutmeg by Poppy Collins
Dogs and Their Faithful Celebrities by Dogs Trust Trustee Limited
Possessing Rayne by Kate Cann
Hoe overleef ik… (wild) breien? by Francine Oomen
Yogscast: The Diggy Diggy Book by The Yogscast
Infographics Space by Jennifer Daniel

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