Hardcover Surprises ~ Winterhuis Hotel/Winterhouse

Hardcover Surprises ~ Winterhuis Hotel/Winterhouse

HI everyone!

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Welcome to a new Hardcover Surprises, this time for a Dutch book, namely Winterhuis Hotel! I am reading the book myself in English, but I have the paperback (which doesn’t have too many fancy features other than a black and white map). So when I visited the book store yesterday and stumbled upon the absolutely gorgeous hardcover for it, I just had to take pictures. Ignore the other books surrounding it, I didn’t really have a good space to make pictures, but I did my best.

I have made pictures of the jacket, and what is underneath it (come visit Winterhuis Hotel), and also of the map. Which in this hardcover is in colour! Eep!

Btw, I would also recommend the book if you are looking for a fun book featuring a bookworm, puzzles, friendship, mystery, magic, and a cosy feeling of warmth.

2 thoughts on “Hardcover Surprises ~ Winterhuis Hotel/Winterhouse

    1. Yay! I am almost tempted to buy it (or see if the English hard cover has the same kind of cover). Though my fiance would probably look at me weirdly for getting another copy. 😛

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