Library Haul 13-11-2018

Library Haul 13-11-2018

Hi everyone!

Even though I wasn’t supermotivated to go to the library, I did want some new books. So I crossed my fingers, hopped on my bicycle, and went to Library #4.

I quickly found 2 books at the new releases table, including one book that I had put a reservation on at Library #2 (which I cancelled as soon as I got home), and then I went looking around. However, I quickly found out that the new books are probably still in that librarian’s office (you know, the one who always wants to check the kid/YA books). And yes, when I looked into the office (viewable for everyone) there was a giant stack of books there. :\ Oh well. Next time better luck I guess.

Still, while wandering around, I found some books to bring with me. At least more than last week. 😛 From 2 books to 5, which is quite an improvement, right? 😉

Oh, and I also voted for the NS Publieksprijs at the library. I wasn’t sure at first, as I haven’t really read any of the books selected, but the woman standing near the stand told me you could also put in a vote for a book of your own choice. Plus, by voting there the library/bookclub could also win books if they get enough people voting, and hey, that sounds like a good deal.

Stats; 5 books. All of them fiction.

Daans Wereld #1 by Jonathan Meres
Bumper de politiepup by Koen van Santvoord
Mag ik van je houden? by Angelique van Dongen
De Mol by Bart Debbaut
Sofie en ik by Lesley Ely, Polly Dunbar

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