Library Haul 20-11-2018

Library Haul 20-11-2018

Hi all!

Today I decided that, despite being cold as hell outside (and I just didn’t want to be outside too much), I wanted new library #4 books. Also I needed to get some groceries, so eh, why not also get some brand-new books! And boy, I am definitely glad I went as I found several new books to read. dances

Oh, and superadorable + I loved that the library does these things, there were groups of children (I am guessing classes of elementary school kids) who were being read by one of the librarians from a picture book and after that was done and a tiny speech was held about libraries, they could select their own books and take those with them to read. The kids were so enthusiastic and were so eager to find a book. I am so happy that kids are so happy reading. A new generation of readers!

Sure, it meant the library was a ton more busy than normally, but I didn’t mind it that much. Just happy to see so many enthusiastic little readers.

Stats; 6 books. 3 picture books, 3 fiction.

Note: I still need to add these books to Goodreads (or add the right editions). Will be doing that as I read them, so this post will be updated!

Een draak uit een ei by Jette Schröder
Twee seconden by Elle van den Bogaart
Als alles ineens anders gaat by Elisa van Spronsen
Allemaal vriendjes by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder
Hoe groot is de wereld? by Britta Teckentrup
Hallo Hallo by Bredan Wenzel

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