Library Haul 24-11-2018

Library Haul 24-11-2018

Evening all,

Happy weekend everyone~ Welcome to the Library Haul post for Library #2 and #3!

I will be keeping this one short though, I have been feeling sick for the past few days. Yes, I went out even though I felt sick, I wanted some library books + some distraction from feeling bleh.

Library #2’s visit was one of lightning speed. Check the new release tables (Non-fiction/Adult + Childrens). Grab my 6 reservations. Hop outside in the cold again. 😛

Library #3’s visit started off quite interesting. When we went to bring back the books (before we head out again for some walking and shopping) the systems had crashed so one couldn’t borrow or bring back books. We had to just give them to a librarian who put them somewhere so she could later put them through the machine when it worked. When we got back 2 or so hours later things were fixed again. Yay. I was already worried it was still down, which would mean no books to borrow as I usually have the limit of 12 with me.

But then again, I just am thinking of not going to this library again for a while. Once again, no new Children’s/YA books, once again no new English books. I did find one picture book to bring with me, as well as a non-fiction book, but the rest of my haul is comics, comics, and more comics.

I still have several books that aren’t on Goodreads, so I will add the links to those books when I get to reading the books (If I read them that is).

Stats: 19 new books. 5 non-fiction, 6 picture books, 8 comics.

Stiefsucces by Violet Falkenburg
Enzo Knol by M. Sarno
Het boek van de evolutie by Fiona Munro, Ruth Symons, Katie Scott
Jan, Jans en de kinderen 61 by Jan Kruis
De kikkertjes gaan op pad by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder
Ik kan niet slapen by Elsa Devernois, Annick Masson
Samen naar school by Annemie Vandaele, Carolien Westermann
Tropische Jopie by Jarvis
Niks aan de hand by Tirza Beekhuis, Corien Oranje
Amsterdam voor het voorbij is by Dolf Toussaint

De Bétacanon van Fokke en Sukke by John Reid, Jean-Marc van Tol, Bastiaan Geleijnse
Barbara weet het beter by Barbara Stok
Fussy Freda by Julia Jarman
Sigmund 4 by Peter de Wit
Sigmund 5 by Peter de Wit
Sigmund 9 by Peter de Wit
Sigmund 12 by Peter de Wit
Ria 1 by Thorsten Kiecker, Mary Pullin, Fred Pullin, Fabian Schlaga
Resist! by Antigoni Memou, Christine Eyene, Paul Dujardin, Kurt De Boodt

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