Review for Catulus Syndrome Vol.1

Review for Catulus Syndrome Vol.1

A girl with catulus syndrome and a girl who is a cat-magnet meet and become friends (and more).

I was really in the mood for some manga, especially one with some girlxgirl romance and I stumbled upon this one. And oh boy, this one was just adorable, and I was just rooting for our two girls to finally realise their feelings and go on dates.

Meet Yuki, she is a girl with Catulus Syndrome, meaning that she has cat ears, a tail, cat characteristics, and on top of that, if in a panic this girl will turn into a cat (and then transform back later wearing cute underwear (though for her embarrassing) thanks to a collar around her neck). I loved how energetic this girl is, she is so bouncy. She is a bit like me, though I am just a normal human.
I was a bit sad that she had such bad experiences in life with people. People tend to not treat her all too nicely due to the Catulus Syndrome, that is also why she wears glasses to hide her eyes. As soon as something happens in school she fears people will dislike her or that she will have to move again. Poor thing. 🙁

Ayano, or our cat-magnet? I liked her from the start, she was just too adorable, and I loved how she treated Yuki. She didn’t mind the cat stuff, and she tries to involve Yuki in stuff she liked. Tried to involve her in conversations, in her work at the store. And also tries to feed Yuki, tons and tons of food. 😛 Yep, she finds Yuki way too thin and figures she needs to feed the girl she likes.

The girls do get closer, but it just didn’t go fast enough for me. Thankfully there is the addition of a new girl, a childhood friend of Ayano. I was at first worried she would turn out to be a rival, especially given how Ayano reacted to the reunion, but I guess I shouldn’t have worried as the girl is just happy being friends with them. And meeting another Catulus girl.

I am happy that we also got some backstory (thanks to the cats that always hang around Ayano) about Ayano. Why she works so hard at the store, what is up with her family, and how the cats just wish Ayano to have a life that fits a teen more.

I had such a laugh when Yuki sprouted that titbit of feelings when the three girls all got together after a spying mission by Yuki and Ayano’s childhood friend (which, no, didn’t end well).

The art is also superb, I just love the style. Yuki’s expressions are just the best (and the most adorable).

I will be reading this one further, I do need to know if our girls get together (some sweet kisses please). All in all, recommended if you need a very sweet, cute, and fluffy meow manga.

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