Review for Fashion Fairy Princess: Holly and the Christmas Wish

Review for Fashion Fairy Princess: Holly and the Christmas Wish

Meet Holly, she just got an invitation to a very special Christmas event! But will she make it when a snowstorm hits?

Another of my Boekenfestijn books, and just perfect for the weather outside here. No snow just yet, but it is freezing cold here. Hands turning red even in gloves cold. Hot chocolate for life cold. 😛 So I just had to read this one, I couldn’t wait until Christmas.

Holly gets an invitation to a very special event, the Christmas ball hosted by the princesses of that part of fairy land (at least I am guessing that there are different parts given we had Nutmeg from another part who was a princess). Holly is very excited and decides to go on a shopping spree. I just loved that she was careful to tell her friends about the big news, she didn’t want to make them sad. I loved that she cared so much about her friends (tons of girls would just have screamed and bounced up and down while telling their friends), and I loved that her friends, while of course sad that they weren’t selected, still supported Holly and helped her out selecting a dress, fun extras, shoes, and more. I just adored what she picked, that dress is a dream, and I wish I could have one in real life.

As soon as the snow started to fall in earnest, I knew that Holly’s Christmas evening might be ruined, but I was still hoping for a magical thing to happen. Hello? Christmas! Fairies! Magic, please! And magic happened. Nope, my lips are sealed. I will just tell you all that I definitely loved what the author’s solution was to Holly’s problem.

The ball? Ah man, can I go as well? It was just all so magical and special. With delicious foods that made my tummy rumble, with warm and fluffy friendship (and I loved seeing Willa again), and of course some other things, but I don’t want to give away too much. You will just have to read the book to find out what more happens at the ball. And of course, what Holly’s wish was for Christmas. Teehee, I am sure you all will love it though. It made me all warm and fluffy that is for sure.

So I am a bit confused about fairy dust. So it is a currency? A magic item? And also used to light the fireplace? Um? Or are there different kinds? I would like to see some more explanation to this whole thing as it is now very confusing.

I just adored those fairy bunnies, they were just the cutest and cuddliest bunnies I ever saw.

Like the other fairy book this one is wonderfully illustrated with cute and sparkly illustrations.

Now I just hope that, if I visit, the next Boekenfestijn will have other books from this series. I do need to read more about these fairies and the adventures and friendships they have.

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