Review for Fashion Fairy Princess: Nutmeg in Jewel Forest

Review for Fashion Fairy Princess: Nutmeg in Jewel Forest

Meet Princess Nutmeg, or well, she is still an unofficial princess, but throughout this book we see her prepare for the ceremony which will make her an official princess!

I was delighted when I spotted this book at Boekenfestijn, how adorable did this one look! I also found another one of this series there, one that I plan to read very very soon. And boy, this one was adorable indeed. About a girl, about to become an official princess, but oh so not prepared for it. We see her find help from others. Her friends, an instructor, a dress-shop owner. Everyone is here to help prepare her for that one big day.

I loved seeing Nutmeg grow as the ceremony got closer. She found out that she could dance a glorious dance of her own. She found out what it meant to bring a speech with feeling and heart (and not just recite it as if it were homework or something dreadfully disgusting).

I was a bit worried that Primrose would be the kind of princess that is all high and mighty (as is the case at times with princessy princesses), but she was very sweet, eager to help her sister out, and tried to motivate her throughout the days. She never got angry with her sister, instead just drowned her in kindness.

At times I was a bit sad that it seemed like you can just have two sorts of princesses in children’s book. Girls like Primrose who was just the epitome of princess. You could even see her sparkle. And then there is Nutmeg, a tomboyish girl who just doesn’t get why she has to do all these things. Thankfully, at times we also see that she likes to be a princess. She was totally delighted when presented a dress (though I guess anyone would love a dress that changes colour).

I was a bit sad about the ending, but it was also so Nutmeg. So I am kind of conflicted, happy as it showed Nutmeg’s true side, and how she will be later when she grows up to rule the kingdom (if she will rule it). She will set aside anything if that means helping out those in need. But also sad as it felt like all those efforts were kind of wasted. And that dress. I was just almost crying for that dress. But in the end it all came together, and I hope she has enjoyed the giant party.

The book is also filled with superadorable and cute illustrations that really make the book even sweeter. I just loved Primrose’s and Nutmeg’s designs.

All in all, I need more of these fairies. It is perfect for when is superstressed-out like I am. Just something cute and fluffy.

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