Review for Girls’ Home Spa Lab

Review for Girls’ Home Spa Lab

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

It took me several tries to get through this book, I have had it in my ADE for a few months now, each time I start I just get bored and leave the book for another time. I still have no clue why, as the book is quite fun and entertaining. But today (October 3rd) I just kept reading, I pushed myself to finish this, and I can tell you, I am happy I did, as in the end I quite liked the book!

This book is perfect for us girls who love to pamper ourselves, during normal days or during the days we feel crappy (or crampy). I definitely want to try out some recipes myself.

What does this book contain? Recipes, tips, yoga exercises, all separated in sections. We start off with Wake, Play, Sleep then go to Everyday Wellness dash off to About Face which leads us to Hair Care and then we go for Body-Care Concoctions and lastly Healthy Hands and Feet! Yep, you will have a whole relaxed body after reading this, plus you will probably smell delicious given all the recipes which call for natural and lovely smelling products.

I do have to say there were A LOT of recipes. I get that the book is about them, but sometimes it felt a bit too much. I wouldn’t have minded more activities to do. There are quite a few, but I would have liked to see more.

I liked the way the book was made, lots of bright colours, fun photographs, cute illustrations, a playful font, it makes you want to read the book.

I didn’t really like how there was a lot of boohoo against the normal make-up/cleaning products. I am sure these are bad, I am sure these aren’t ones you should use. But come on. I don’t even know if there was any good nailpolish when I was a teen, but either way I wouldn’t be able to afford it with my 20-ish euro pocket money each month. Because browsing around, it seems most average on around 9 euro per bottle. 😐 Then again, even as an adult, 9 euro is quite a bit too much for a small bottle of pretty nail polish.

I do wonder how many teens can actually afford buying all the ingredients. I just looked online for some ingredients, and boy, it isn’t cheap. Some things are, but others… oh boy.

I was already wondering where to get these ingredients, should I want to try out some recipes, but thankfully at the end of the book we get a Get To Know Your Ingredients which details what the ingredients are and where to get them. Of course, these are mostly applying to the US, so for some things I may have to do a bit more effort. 😛

But all in all, a decent book with lots of pretty fonts, photographs, illustrations.

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