Review for Measuring Angels

Review for Measuring Angels

I read this book in Dutch, but I will be writing my review in English.

I think it is a shame that the Dutch translator changed the title. Sofie en ik (Dutch title) is just way less powerful than Measuring Angels. Sure, it is about these girls, but the story is also about angels, thanks to their friend Gabriël who believes in them. Then again, I guess Engelen (op)meten, doesn’t work, but maybe they could have integrated the angels somehow since they are an important part of the story.

The book is about two girls, once friends, now they aren’t on speaking (or being kind) terms. Our MC feels really terrible about it, she is often trying not to cry. But the teacher is here to help out a bit. Yes, I believe the teacher did that sunflower seeds just being for pairs on purpose to show these two that they need to talk and that they can still be friends.

I loved how eager every kid in the class was with growing these flowers.

However, I kind of felt disconnected. We see that these girls are getting closer, but why? How? I just didn’t see that. I would have loved to see them talk about what happened, maybe even hug to tell the other they still care. Instead it is laughing, some having fun, making sure that the plant grows. Oh well, I guess in the end all that matters is that these girls connect again. I loved the look on their teacher’s face, and also on their friend’s. They were both happy that these girls were connecting again. That the plan was a success.

The art was pretty nicely done. It was very cute.

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