Review for Onnanoko Awase

Review for Onnanoko Awase

A very cute, sexy, and steamy Yuri short manga collection.

Before we start, this is pure yuri, tons of sexy scenes. You don’t see explicit details, but you can see enough.

We have 8 stories, though story 6 to 8 are about the same couple (or should I say couples as we follow two couples).

  1. Girl’s Union: This was such a sweet story especially since these two girls just don’t know how it all works and I love seeing them discover each other’s bodies and also find out what they love. You can imagine at first things aren’t going well, and I felt sad that they were so disheartened about it, but I am glad they immediately picked up again and went for another try. Such a cute couple, hope they will discover more about their bodies together.

  2. Slave to Love: A senpai romance story, and I can imagine that she may get sick of things. She also wants to do things to her senpai, while it is sweet her senpai is doing so many delicious things to her, she also want to show her love. I loved what she did, go girl! Show that senpai that you can also do those naughty things.

  3. Full of Memories: Not much of my favourite story, though I did like it. I was mostly eh about the fact they had sex in such public places. Sure, cute, and sweet that they could be so open about their love, but hello, that is a balcony, people may want to go outside and sit there. Still, very sweet, and I can imagine that these girls will have tons of work ahead of them to keep their relationship working now that they are not seeing each other every day. Good luck girls! I am sure you can do it, your love is so big.

  4. Christmas Eve Agape: A bit of an awkward story, especially since it takes place at the church. I am religious myself, so it felt highly eh that they had sex in a church. But back to the girls, I can imagine that one of them took action, it seems she has given a lot of hints regarding her feelings, but her lover doesn’t seem to get that she wants more. I had a laugh at the reaction of the other girl after the sex scene. 😛

  5. The Fragrant Sea Breeze: Cute, but, um, it is a distant relative, so I did feel a bit uncomfortable about this. I get that Japan has different standards, but for me, if it is a relative I am out. Still it was pretty cute and I did think the romance was very cute. I am happy those two had a good chat about things, I am quite curious to see where this is going.

6-8. Angelic Girl, Cherry Girl & Her Girlfriend: This one is about the same couple (or couples). We have a girl who loves a very sweet girl but doesn’t think she fits with the girl due to their differences. Thankfully, very thankfully, our girl has friends (a princely girl and her girlfriend) who are more than willing to help her. Either with a make-over or some sex-tips (as they do it everywhere they can). I had a bit of a laugh when they were trying out those tips and they just didn’t know how to do it. 😛 Yep, the road to having sex and finding out new sex things isn’t easy.

The art is just the best, I just adore the mangaka’s work. She makes things sexy and cute and sweet at the same time.

All in all, a very cute collection, and I would recommend it to everyone.

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