Review for Sanctuary Found

Review for Sanctuary Found

“Coming home should be the easiest thing in the world, but I’ve never felt more lost…”

The second book in the series, and while it had some good points, I just didn’t love it as much as I did the other book in the series. And that was mostly because of Isaac. Yup, the same Isaac from the first book.

The second MC is Maddox, Dallas’ brother. Him, I quite liked. Yes, he had some things that could have been better, but in overall I just loved the guy.

Like the other book, both of the MC’s have a past that isn’t the happiest. In Maddox case it is PTSD due to what happened when he was in the military (and of course what happened to Dallas/his family). There was an accident with his group and only he and an another guy survived. Though survive… the one guy has no legs, Maddox has nightmares and fears.
In Isaac’s case he is fleeing from someone, and also selling himself in order to gain some money. Yes, he is letting people have sex with him in exchange for some money. 🙁

But I just couldn’t like Isaac. I am sorry, but the guy kept going on and on and on about he didn’t want anyone to put any labels on him, and not to judge him, and not to do x and y, but in the meantime he kept adding labels to Maddox. Like that he is straight, and when Maddox and Isaac get together he demands that Maddox knows what his label is. Um, can’t he just love you? Does he need to be gay or bi or whatever? And then there are other times that Isaac just tapes on labels. Plus I just got so freaking tired of how he always assumed, assumed and assumed. Oh, people might not like me because I wear woman’s underwear, let me not even give someone a chance. No, no I will completely bitch against them if they dare to just stare at it. rolls eyes I get that the dude has had a lot of terrible terrible things happening to him, I get that his life is shitty, but really? Instead of feeling sorry for him, I just wanted to throw him in the nearest lake. 😐
Sure, he was very sweet for his brother, and I was definitely very much delighted that he went so far to ensure his brother was safe and happy.

Maddox however? I just adored the dude. At times he just came across as a big sweet bear. I just adored how, even though Isaac was being a dick, he tried to be there for the guy, tried to make him feel comfortable and happy, tried to take care of him and his brother. Sure, he had a few times that he wasn’t being the kindest, and sometimes he did make some dickish remarks, but in the end I could forgive him.
It was also interesting to see him figure out his preferences. You saw him ponder about his past romances, how most of them were woman, but how he undeniably was totally attracted to a guy now. I had a bit of a snicker when he talked about how he thought people had that figured out when they were in their thirties. Ha, sometimes it just takes a while to figure that out.
Also I loved that he didn’t mind that Isaac put on make-up, and then later didn’t mind the woman underwear (even encouraging him to wear it).

There was one point I did agree on with Isaac, and that was definitely the money thing. I get that Maddox has a ton of money, and I get that he wants to help out, however, I feel that there are better ways to go about it.

Quite a bit of this book takes place around the same time as the previous book, so we do see events we already know from the previous book, however it is all from a fresh POV and I just loved it.
Plus, how couldn’t I be happy with the fact that we saw Dallas and Nolan again? I just love those guys, and it makes me happy to see them from someone else’s POV.

Eventually the romance between these two picked up, and I was happy to see it finally happen. Gee wiz, that took you two a long time. There were some very sweet moments between them, and while I didn’t like Isaac, I did like the romance. 🙂

I am guessing that the two characters introduced are going to be the MCs for the next book?

I loved the ending and how everything clicked together. I am happy for all parties involved, it is a very sweet ending, and also the one rare moment I actually liked Isaac.

All in all, not as good as the previous book, but I still had fun reading it. I will be reading the next book as well, even though I am not too sure about both of those characters.

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