Review for The Birthday Surprise

Review for The Birthday Surprise

It is time for a birthday party! And not just one, but two!

Funny story, I thought I had pre-ordered this book, but apparently I didn’t. Or so I thought. 😛 I actually checked my Amazon orders, and did find that I pre-ordered a book with this title, this cover, this blurb, however apparently when it got released it was a whole different book (namely book 6). Since I sometimes pre-order months before something, and I sometimes forget to put it on Goodreads (because Goodreads doesn’t always have books), I didn’t know the book changed. 😛 But now I truly got the right book, yay!

This time it is birthday time, and not just for one character, but two. First up is Dot! Yep, our dearest Dot is going to be a year older, and she is very eager for her party. But what is her mum up to in the days leading up to her birthday? Is her mum making something grand or is she forgetting about it? Oh noes! I just wanted to tell Dot not to worry, that I was sure her mom was making sure she had the best of best birthdays, there were just so many clues. Can I say I just adore that the mom was so sweet to make a surprise birthday? Or at least, surprise as to what is going to happen on that day?
I just loved seeing her make lists and pictures of what she would like to have (from cakes to presents). I loved seeing the anticipation build and that with each passing day she was getting more and more excited for it.

The second birthday is Dot’s teacher! And I loved how excited he was for his birthday, not many adults would bounce up and down because of a birthday, but he is. Even making up songs. 🙂

I loved Dot’s plans for her teacher’s birthday, I thought it was really sweet of her to make a present and get everyone in the class to help out.

This time two mysteries. Someone stole the present they made for the teacher, and Dot is wondering if her birthday party will happen. I knew from both what was going to happen/what happened, but I still had fun seeing Dot trying to figure it all out, and also get all the girls to help her out with the mystery of the missing present.

Oh oh, and this time we also have Ancient Egypt! The kids are learning all about it. From hieroglyphs to a whole costume party. I am a giant fan of Ancient Egypt and I squee every time I see it pop up in books.

I disliked Brad so so much. I get he is the new kid, I get that he is worried he might not fit in, but acting like a little jerkwad isn’t going to make anyone like you. Nor is stealing friends and holding them away from their other friends. Nor is doing what he did in here. With each passing page I got more and more frustrated with his attitude, with how he acted when something with girly.
And it made me even angrier when Dot just forgives him for all the poop and even invites him to her birthday party. Sorry, but if this was me? I would have needed tons of apologies before I even consider letting him go to the best party of the year.

Of course, like the other books, this book is also delightfully and lovely illustrated!

Since I already got book 6, I can’t wait for book 7 to come out. I hope this series will continue for a long time. I am sure there are tons of mysteries for Dot to solve, and tons of fun adventures to have.

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