Review for The Marriage Bargain

Review for The Marriage Bargain

A girl who needs 150k for her family, a boy who needs a wife for an inheritance. Will they be able to live up to the contract they set? Or will they fall hard in love?

So, I had to read a few books for a copycat challenge, and this was one of them. The book really seemed adorable, sweet, and cute, and I was eager to see if these two would fall in love, or if they would manage to resist all temptations.

Meet our two characters. Nick. A rich guy with a troubled past (parents who didn’t love him, a dad that left his mom, and more unhappiness). He is an architect and loves making/designing buildings. He needs a wife due to a certain requirement in his late uncle’s inheritance. Now to find a woman who can deal with his contract, and who doesn’t mind marrying and staying together for a year.
Alexa. A sweet girl with her own book store (which made me love her even more), a big heart, an animal lover, and a girl in desperate need for some money. The money isn’t for her (though she will pretend it is), it is for her parents.

I loved that Alexa and Nick had a past. That they were childhood friends. I loved seeing their shared past, see how they felt about each other (not that well, though we can also see there is more to it).

I loved the contract, but of course, it was just that obvious, I knew that there would be breaches soon. Still, I admire that they both managed to make a contract, add some things, subtract some things (like Alexa who didn’t think it was fair that she couldn’t have sex, but Nick could).

It was great seeing these two open up, getting closer, figuring out how they feel about each other. I was rooting for them to get together, to make this marriage a real thing and not a fake thing. And I loved their banter. How Alexa is a Mets fan, and he is a Yankee fan. With poker, how he seemingly seems to cheat. They may deny it for fair amount of the book, but these two are just meant to be together. 😛

I just wished Alexa had been honest about what she had done with the money. But I guess then we wouldn’t have had so much drama. 😉

I had quite a laugh at the fact that every time they went for it, or were planning to go for it, they were interrupted. Thankfully, eventually they are able to go for it without interruptions, and oh my!

The sex scenes are perfect! I loved them, they weren’t too much (as some books I have read), but just right. I also loved the sexual tension between the two characters, plus it was quite funny that they were both trying to ignore it, but that it got worse with every page, until the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Sorry, but what happened at Chapter 10? Helllllloooo, why was that needed? Good grief, it was just too coincidental to be funny. Plus, who doesn’t know what happens when you mix the those two things? The whole book was amazing, it was cute, it was sweet, it had tension, it had good sex scenes, but right after the moment Nick meets his daddy, what happens to our girl? Yeeeeeeep. You can guess. 😐 And of course after that x happens. Of course, so cliché, so urggghghgghhgg. rolls her eyes until they pop out Then in the next chapter there is the big reveal, because DUH, the book is almost over so hurry hurry and get it all out in the open air. Good grief. Why. Why. -0.5 star for this BS.

The ending, eh, sure, it was as cliché as you can get, but OK, it was still pretty sweet, and yes, I cried. I was still very very happy with it.

All in all, I just loved this book, and I will keep on reading this series. Especially seeing that the next book is about Michael and Maggie. I just adored both these characters and I was already rooting for them to get together in this book.

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