Review for The Omega Objection

Review for The Omega Objection

“Tank tugged him a bit, getting him closer, needing him closer. He kept hold of Isaac’s hand while he bracketed Isaac’s face with his free one. His skin was butter soft.”

Eeeeeeeee! This was just too perfect, too sweet, to wonderful. Featuring Tank, a werewolf we have seen before in the earlier books, and a new guy, Isaac, also a werewolf (but not out of the werewolf closet as I would call it). These two will get together and melt your heart away with cute moments, sweet scenes. But that isn’t the only thing that you will see in this book. We will also learn of Isaac’s terrible past, why he has no smell, why everyone is attracted to him, Tank’s self-image and how terrible that is, we see the pack again, we meet with new characters.

I was delighted that Gail Carriger is continuing with writing books about this wonderful pack. We already read about Alec, about Bryan, and now it is Tank. And, going by the last part in the book, next up is Judd and Colin!

Like the previous book(s) there are sex scenes. While I was less comfortable with the last book, I am a bit more comfortable with them now. A bit. 😛 There were things that just didn’t make me happy and that mostly had to do with how Isaac dominated everything and Tank just lay there waiting commands. It just felt so so wrong. I get that everyone has different ways of sex, but it just made me uncomfortable.

My heart broke for Isaac. I knew quite soon what he was, it just wasn’t that hard given certain things. Still I wished for someone to help him out, and fast. We learn his past is gruesome, with how shifters are attracted to him, want to be with him, it didn’t work out with other packs. Plus, his father was an asshole. I was so happy that he found Tank, that he found someone to love, someone who doesn’t go bonkers because of what he is/what he emits. And with Tank that he found a family. People who will grow to love him, people who care for him.

Tank was a wonderful character, though I felt sorry that his self-image was so terrible. He kept thinking he wasn’t worth anything, that he wasn’t important. Though I am not Tank, not a big lumbering werewolf, I could understand those feelings. And I was hoping that Isaac could help him with his self-image, help him see that he was an important part of the pack, that he was worth it.
I did love how protective he was of Isaac, how much he tried to do for him to make him happy. How he tried to protect him when stuff went wrong, how he tried to listen to him, give him time to adjust to all the things happening, making sure Isaac felt happier.

There are also funny moments, I got quite a few quotes saved now that made me laugh so hard.

Also I am just delighted that we also see the rest of the pack.

We also meet several new characters, Xavier and his girlfriend for instance. I just loved those two and how they cared about Isaac. Then there is Clara, Isaac’s best friend, she was just so sweet (and I loved how she acted when she saw a gorgeous man).

Then there was the ending and all that happened there. Oh boy! I just had to know if everything would end up all right, if everyone would get their happy endings.

I could probably talk about this book for a long time to come, but I will just keep it at this. I don’t want the review to get too long. I will just give one more squeal in how sweet and fun this book was and how lovely Tank x Isaac were together. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, and I just need the newest book now! <3

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