Review for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious

Review for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious

“What do llamas smell like?” “Chkt.” “Like an ancient terror ready to shed its skin and devour the world? How do you even—”

Squirrel Girl is back! My library finally had this book on their shelves, and I was happy. I didn’t have to wait until next year when the paperback would FINALLY come out. I could read it now! Yay!

Now before I start with all the good, gooey, awesome, squirrely, epic stuff, I want to get one thing of my chest.
As there was one thing I didn’t like. A thing that changed my rating for the book from 5+ stars to just 5 stars. And that was the stupid and absolutely unnecessary dramarama between Doreen and her friend Ana Sofia. I was just so frustrated with this, that I even had considered to just stop reading. Yes. It was just so cringy. So eh. So not needed. If these girls would just have talked from the moment things went off rail, everything would have been gone smoothily. Instead Ana Sofia is butthurt, because boohoo Doreen says x and y and reacts x and y. Yes, but that is Doreen for you. She doesn’t even know she is doing it, she doesn’t mean anything with it. Yet, you instantly take insult, and instead of just telling her, you crop it up, and then say cryptic shit. Which makes Doreen feel like crap because she just doesn’t get what is wrong with you. And apparently Doreen also doesn’t seem to think that maybe she should talk. sighs. And yes, I can imagine that Ana Sofia didn’t have fun things in the past, but you are definitely not helping yourself.

Now, we got that out of the way, let’s go to this book and let me fangirl about it. So be warned, chaos is coming! 😛

This time we have a new mystery for Doreen to solve, namely there is a mall being build and people are acting way too aggressive in regards to a poll for a new mascot. What is going on? And why does that logo look so much like the Hydra logo? Mmm. What will Doreen do to save her new hometown? Well, tons. Including fun conversations with The Avengers (and oh my, I loved my butt off with how she responded to Iron Man, RIP that dude), Tippy Toe and Ana Sofia POVs in which they are also trying to figure out what is going on with that mall. There are new enemies to defeat, though I had a laugh that Doreen thought talking was the way to go. Then again, it made it more fun. As yeah, most superheroes just kick a villain’s butt, so this was quite refreshing. I do have to say, that after a bit, I was rooting for Squirrel Girl to just throw that villain up in the air.

But the potential Hydra Cell isn’t the only thing that Squirrel or Doreen are battling with. They are also trying to make it through middle school, handle a teacher who is acting quite mean (but no worries we see later on what is going on which made me sympathise for her), figure out how friends work, try not to drown in homework. And then there is the whole she wants to be a superhero but she is still a teen and her parents are still responsible for her thus not allowing her to always do what she wants to do. I can imagine that she may struggle. As Doreen life is often confusing, yet as Squirrel Girl she can be who she wants, doesn’t need to hide her tail or her strength and other squirrely powers.

Like the other book there are delightful footnotes. At first I had a bit of a hard time with them, they distracted me from reading, but after a while I loved reading them, see what Doreen had to tell us (and see her break fourth wall quite a few times).

Also like the other book there is texts to The Avengers. Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Thor, Spider Man, and others make their way into Squirrel Girl’s life. I just adored reading those texts, and had such a laugh while reading them.

I loved that we didn’t just have Doreen/Squirrel Girl’s POV, but also Tippy-Toe, Ana Sofia, and even the villain’s POV. It gave way more insight in what was going on, and also made everything even more fun to read. Though my favourite POV is of course still Doreen.

The whole big villain story which totally explodes in the later half of the second half of the book? LOVED IT. I just couldn’t stop reading, I had to know what was going to happen to Squirrel Girl and her army of squirrels (and yes, she was finally able to say her answer when someone asked her about what army she had with her). I had to know what was going to happen to Ana Sofia. Would our girls be able to save the day?

It was fun to see who the villain actually was, I have to say I didn’t expect THAT person. Thank you author for writing it that well, and not giving it all away in one go. applauds

Can I also give bonus points to how lovely Doreen’s parents are and how supportive they are of their daughter? I just adored these two.

I am also happy with the resolution as to what the Squirrel Scouts have to do. It was getting a bit silly to see them just appear all the time and try to help Squirrel Girl. With tiny villains it is OK, but if they start meddling with everything? Eh. Not the best. Squirrel Girl would be more distracted with trying to make sure her friends are OK. She needs to focus on getting rid of the baddies.

The ending was terrific, congrats to Squirrel Girl, I know the feeling when someone finally talks to you/asks you something that you have been wanting for ages.

Well, I could probably go on and on and on and on about this book for a long time to come, but I don’t want to make this review too long. So I will I end with that I hope that there will be more Squirrel Girl books, I just don’t this series to end. I want more Doreen/Squirrel Girl, more villains, more silly texts and footnotes.

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