Review for The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic

Review for The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic

“But then,” said Caliburn, “the adults are making such an almighty mess of things maybe we have to put our faith in the children, crazy and unrealistic and reckless though they are…”

Two kids who shouldn’t have met (one is a Wizard the other is a Warrior (though with magic that shouldn’t exist)) will meet again, and will have to use all their wits, magic, and bravery to beat Witches and save the world.

I just loved the first book, which I found when I was visiting London (with autograph + more), and I was delighted that this series is continuing. Too bad I can’t just go to London again to grab another limited edition (I am sure there is one).

Our heroes are found in two places at the start of the story. Gormincrag for Xar, due to events of the last book (and the Witchstain on his hand that is ever growing) and behind a giant wall for our Wish. But don’t worry our two heroes will meet again! Albeit not in a way I thought they would, with Xar sneaking into the Warrior Fortress to steal back his Spelling Book (really, couldn’t you have asked?).

The adventure was just so exciting, and I loved reading about the world, see our duo (and their friends/companions) try to find ingredients, shake off pursuers, dodge some scary witches, and oh yes, then there is the Kingswitch (who was wayyyyy to creepy).

I am so happy with Wish and Xar, they are much more adult than the adults themselves. Sure, they are bickering at times, but throughout the story we see that these two really like each other’s company. And I was just absolutely squealing in delight at a certain scene and what Xar said there. Squee!

Xar at times is still an annoying little boy. HOWEVER, as the story continues we see him acting smarter, kinder, and he is seeing that things aren’t just black and white (as the adults often think). I am really happy that he is making these changes, that he is growing, that he is becoming stronger. I can’t wait to see the final Xar. What kind of guy will he be then?

I still love Wish the most out of the two characters. She is sweet, kind, and I just adore that she can do magic while being a warrior.

I had such a laugh when we had an enchanted spoon, a fork, and a key, and it turned into one big love triangle!

Then there is the backstory for Xar’s father and Wish’s mother. It was definitely a surprise to me, I just can’t imagine it, but we do see some signs in this book that do confirm it to be a true backstory. Now I am just rooting for certain things to happen, though I guess it won’t happen unless someone can do some unspelling. Also, this does explain some thing regarding Wish.

I loved meeting a giant even bigger and more ancient than Crusher. I hope that we see more of these giants. Yeah, I know they have left the world, went to the sea, but who knows, maybe they are still there somewhere.

The adults were pretty eh in this book. I get that they want to protect their kids, and not have them do all the things they do, but come on listen. Listen to your kids. So many things could have been prevented if people just listened. I was constantly rolling my eyes at how stupid the adults were acting in this book. I get that they may not believe Xar (due to him constantly lying and making up things left and right), but at least listen to Wish.

And urghghhhh, I hated that Witchsmeller dude. My lord, that dude was just so annoying and dumb. Come on, you should know what a Witch looks like or does, and that there is no such thing as a Fule (Fool). He kept on going on and on and on about that. In the end I just wanted to feed him to the Kingswitch.

The ending was terrific, though I also was shaking my fist. Argghhhh, now we need to wait until the next book to find out more, and see if our duo (and their friends and companions) will be able to get the ingredients. Will they defeat the evil in the world? Or will it take a few more books (which I also don’t mind as these books are scrumptious).

Lastly, we have the illustrations. I definitely have to get used to their style again, it is a very unique style, but I have to say I love it. It just fits like a glove.

Oh, and I can’t forget the Narrator. I am still very much guessing on who it could be, so far though I haven’t got a clue as to who it could be. I am just way too immersed in the story to see the hints I guess. That is the trouble with this book, it just sucks you in. It draws you to this magical world.

We also see some spellbook pages, get the story of the giant, and some more fun extras.

All in all, I just need the next book in this series and I hope it will be out next year (although that is already such a long wait). I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all.

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