Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-11-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-11-2018

Afternoon all!

It is Sunday, hooray! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

This week was a nice cocktail of library books, my own books (both paper and Kindle). With everything going on I had to take it easy, so I had a bookfilled week, and then my body decided halfway through the week to get sick, so even more time to read.
What did I read from my paper TBR? Well, 100% Coco Berlin (fashionable), Twice Magic (silly and magical), Winterhouse (exciting), Our Super Adventure II (cats! cats!), Fashion Fairy Princess Holly (very cute).
From my Kindle? Well I read How to American (funny), Locked in Silence (I am not crying), and Sanctuary Found (meh shrugs).

My Paper TBR only went down this week, I didn’t buy any new books this week or received any (pre-orders or otherwise). I am very happy to see my TBR go down, at times it is a bit overwhelming if you have tons of books still unread.

I made a brand-new TBR pile, including a book I wanted to read the past week but just didn’t manage to do so and 3 Boekenfestijn books.

As for my Kindle, this week I got a top 6 again! Well, it should actually be a top 7, as I do need to read that ARC for OtherEarth soon. One book I flipped through yesterday (it is a graphic novel, so the % count isn’t all correct), and 5 books that seem really interesting (including the third book in the Pelican Bay series of which I read book 1 and 2 this week).

As you can see, tons and tons of reading plans this week! I can’t wait, while on the one hand I don’t want to be sick, on the other hand… more reading time. 😛 Well, happy Sunday to all, hope you have a great reading and relaxing day. I am going to play games, relax, and of course read! See you all next week again~

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