Waiting on Wednesday ~ Whiteout

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Whiteout


Wednesday! We are halfway through the week! I am still sick, oh wait, that is not something to be enthusiastic about. Let me just welcome you to a brand-new (and creepy) Waiting on Wednesday.

This is one I spotted on Twitter last week and I got all excited! Can it be January already? I definitely could use another horror book in my life. And this one sounds delightfully creepy filled with things that go bump in the night, secrets that should have stayed buried (but we all know people like to dig dig and dig), and then there is also a storm. All the right ingredients for a superspooky and creepy read. Hopefully it doesn’t have too much gore, I just can’t handle that these days.

I wonder how fast the storm hits, instantly? Within a few days? Will we first get some creepiness and learn about some of the town’s secret? Or will everything just hit in one go?

Normally I don’t fall for sentences like: “Perfect for fans of…” but this time it features two authors I really like (Juno Dawson and Charlie Higson). Can’t wait to read and see if it really is perfect for the fans or if it is just another advertisement trying to sell a book. 😛

‘She sat us all down and told us a story. About things that lived in the woods. Things that only came out at night.’

For Charlie, a school ski trip is the perfect escape from his unhappy home life. Until a storm blows in and the resort town is cut off from the rest of the world. Trapped on the mountain, the students wait for the blizzards to pass, along with mysterious ski guide Hanna.

But as night falls and the town’s long buried secrets begin to surface, the storm is the least of their problems….

A chilling RED EYE horror, perfect for fans of Dawn Kurtagich, Juno Dawson and Charlie Higson.

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