Library Haul 1-12-2018

Library Haul 1-12-2018

Afternoon/evening all,

Welcome to the first Library Haul post for December! And the first one is Library #2! And what a haul it was, I thought I would be having trouble finding books, but I walked away with a big stack, or well, my fiance walked with the big stack as I am still sick.

I still had 2 books at home (one I need to read, one my fiance needs to read) + I had 2 reservations, so that meant I could bring another 11 books with me. And 11 books I found! At the new releases tables and while wobbling through the library (lots of wobbling was achieved). I also brought a book I already tried (but failed to continue), let’s see if I can read it fully this time. Oh, and I stepped over my embarrassment and brought a book about sex with me (it is seemingly very humorous, so I am curious).

Note: there are books that don’t have a link as Goodreads doesn’t have them. I will add these books when/if I read them and then add the links here.

Stats: 13 books. 3 comics, 5 non-fiction, 2 picture books, 3 fiction.

Help me! by Marianne Power
Year One by Nora Roberts
Op een eiland by Sandra Kuipers, Mireille Hovius
De opkomst en ondergang van de dinosaurus by Steve Bruscatte
Een spannende finale by Ulli Potofski
Doe Het! by Hannah Witton
Amelie en haar vis by Helga Bansch
Lekker! Nee vies! by Werner Holzwarth
Pillen, poeders en andere brouwsels by John Farndon
De vier van Baker Street #1 by Dijan, David Etien
De vier van Baker Street #2 by Dijan, David Etien
De vier van Baker Street #3 by Dijan, David Etien
De groene stad by Anna Yudina

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