Library Haul 15-12-2018

Library Haul 15-12-2018

Afternoon all!

Happy Weekend! dances Welcome to a new Library #2 Haul post! The plan was at first to also go to Library #3, but I decided to put that on hold until next week Saturday. I have a very good reason for it, namely Dunkin Donuts🍩🍩 is opening in Library #3’s city next week on the 20th. I can’t wait! I have seen some very delicious donuts on their site (so be sure to check out my Twitter next week as I will be sharing pictures).

So today was just Library #2. I had 2 books at home (my fiance really should get to reading that ANWB book), and I had 3 reservations. That meant plenty of space for books to bring with me, so I could wander around a bit longer than last week (when I had 10 reservations). First checking those new releases tables and I found a few books there, then I just walked around and picked up books here and there. Including one book that was apparently written off but still on the shelves, thankfully they fixed it so I could just borrow it instead of having to buy it.

I have a ton of new books, and I can’t wait to read them. I am feeling much better than I felt the past weeks, but I still have to take it easy so I got plenty of time to read again.

I will be adding the missing books to Goodreads as I read them, and then edit the links here. 🙂

Stats: 11 books. 6 non-fiction, 1 picture book, 4 fiction.

One in a Million by Lindsey Kelk
Het geheim van de vlogger by Wieke van Oordt
Er staat een mug op de tafel by Kees van der Vloed
Dader [on]bekend by Chantal Werkendam
Handboek voor de keververzamelaar by M.G. Leonard
Link by Hans Mijnders
Gekke giebelgriep by Linda Vogelesang, Natascha Stenvert
Smakelijk kamperen by Petra Knoth
Midden in de winternacht by Andreas Steinhöfel, Kerstin Meyer
Een doos met een geheim by An Melis
Gezicht op Delft by Thijs Tuurenhout, Roel de Oude

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