Library Haul 18-12-2018

Library Haul 18-12-2018

Afternoon/Evening all,

I am finally well enough to go to Library #4, after a whole month of not being able to go to that place. I was excited to go again, I kept track of their new additions while I was sick and I had spotted some books I wanted.

I was delighted to be able to go there, and the library clearly missed me as well, as I found 1 new book immediately, and then after some wandering around I found 3 more. I had to do a bit of effort to find one book. I couldn’t figure out where it was, and I am glad I didn’t do an extensive search for it as it wasn’t at the picture books section… it was on the desk of that one librarian that always hoards the new Children/YA books. 😛

As I still had room for some more books after that I wandered around more and eventually walked out with 7 books! Yay! I got so much new things to read, including the newest (and sadly last) Lizzy and a new books about farts. XD

I will be adding the missing books to Goodreads as I read them.

Stats: 7 books. 2 picture books, 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

#Sweetsixteen by Marlies Slegers
Liefde is niet voor lafaards by Ulf Stark, Ida Björs
De woonbootbende by Barbara Scholten
Lizzy: Beste vrienden voor altijd by Suzanne Buis
Een Duits meisje by Heidi Benneckenstein
De vier kaboutertjes in de winter by Marianne Busser
Stinkende windjes by Afran Groenewoud, Tjarko van der Pol

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