Library Haul 29-12-2018

Library Haul 29-12-2018

Hi everyone!

Happy weekend, and welcome to a new Library #2 Haul post! And the last one of 2018, it would be kind of fun if each library had statistics on what you read/genres/etc.. I am quite curious to know how much I borrowed from the library and what genres were the most popular. 🙂

So, I still had 3 books at home (2 my fiance is reading/needs to read), and I had 3 reservations waiting for me. While I wasn’t that much in the mood for wandering (feeling a bit tired), I did want to bring some more books so wandering around it was. In the end I found 6 books, including a Suske & Wiske by an artist that I really like. Now it is hoping the story is also good.

Stats: 9 books. 2 comics, 1 picture book, 3 non-fiction, 3 fiction.

Note: I will be adding missing books to Goodreads as I read the books + I will update this list as that happens.

Survivalgids brugklas by Caja Cazemier
Kleine kersttruien breien met club geluk by Marieke Voorsluijs
Storm rond het fort by Frank van Pamelen, Rick de Haas
Annetje Lie in het holst van de nacht by Imme Dros, Margriet Heymans
The Model Life by Paultje Column
Waarom je (meestal) gek bent op by Esther Walraven
Tom poes en de woelwater by Marten Toonder
Suske en Wiske: Cromimi by Gerban Valkema
Dikke doei dierentuin by Jacob Grant

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