Review for Book Love

Review for Book Love

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to get this book. I am a giant bookworm, and so I couldn’t resist a book called Book Love. Plus this cover just shouted at me. That is exactly me, reading between stacks of big books!

And then I started reading and I fell further in love with the book. This author is a giant book worm, just like me! Eep! Every page has a comic/illustration, and I related to all of them. It doesn’t happen often that I relate so much to something, but I did with this one. Buying books while needing food? Yessirree. Reading at a party? That is me!

I have to say that apparently I read quite a few of these already, as I recognise most of them. Not sure where I read them, maybe Twitter? Still I had fun reading them again, and also discovering several new ones.

I also had a laugh at when she either accidentally spoiled someone or when someone spoiled her. I know the feelings on both accounts. I always try to keep out of spoilers, but sometimes one can just slip out. And then there is the internet with all its spoilers and people expecting you to just read a book immediately.

The art was pretty decent. I guess it may look better in a book, but on my e-copy it looked a bit blurry and grainy at times.

All in all, a highly recommended book to all bookworms in the world!

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