Review for Fairy in Waiting

Review for Fairy in Waiting

Mummy Fairy and Ella are back again. Four brand-new short stories filled with spells gone wrong, birthday parties, vacations, friendship, and more.

While I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to read it, see my review for the first book, I just couldn’t resist. And on the one hand I am happy I did, but on the other hand, I won’t be reading the third book. It just seems enormously stupid that the mum has had the wand for years, but yet is so inept at that she needs the help of her kid to fix things. I don’t even want to know how things would have ended if Ella wasn’t there. I get that magic is hard, I get that I am not the target audience for this book, however, really, you would think that after years (I am thinking mom is now at least in her thirties) she would have learned something, and knew how to use her wand and the spells that come with it. Maybe it is just better to give wands to children, or at least teach them from young age so that when they finally can have the wand legally, they know how to handle it without turning into monkeys or have a magic wardrobe or just let a whole airport disappear, and so many other things.

My favourite story would be (at least in part) the one about their vacation. I had a quick suspicion why the other family was always getting the best spots and I was right. It was quite fun as we haven’t met many others like our family. Though really, I was just snorting that even in a book people are towel fighting. OMG we need the best spots. Dear heavens, people. Please. Just enjoy your vacation.

I also loved the birthday story, and boy, oh boy, I would love such a gigantic cake myself for my vacation. But can I just ask why Zoe was invited? Sorry, if I don’t like the girl, and my daughter doesn’t like her at all, I wouldn’t invite the kid even if someone bribed me. It just seems ridiculous and a bit plot device (as she now probably will do anything to find out about Ella’s family and ruin things).

I am happy with how the wardrobe story turned out, I was a bit worried about it at first, but it seems I shouldn’t have had to worry. Also, while I would prefer my wardrobes to be unmagical, I do want a wardrobe that is decorated like the one in the story (I could already visualise the colours it would have).

The art is still my absolute favourite, it is just adorable and sweet.

But yeah, mom who is a fairy but does more wrong than right gets annoying and unfunny. So I am not going to be continuing with this series which is a shame. It does sound good. A family with a fairy mum.

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