Review for Cosmic Colin: Hairy Hamster Horror

Review for Cosmic Colin: Hairy Hamster Horror

A cute little (school) hamster staying for a bit leads to a big adventure for Harry and Colin.

I just couldn’t resist this book. I just adore hamsters and this one is all about them. At first we see the cute hamster Harry has taken home from school. This leads to a big adventure when Colin decides to take him (and the space bin) to a planet full of GIGANTIC hamsters. Yep. Gigantic hamsters + gigantic hamster balls (which I loved).

I laughed so hard when at first it seemed all fun and play until Colin and Harry got into trouble and were treated as the school projects. Yep, reversing the situation as it is at Earth. It was quite funny to see them try to get out, fail, and oh yes, get taken home, just like Harry took home the school’s hamster. What they try there? I laughed so hard, that is quite the silly plan, but I guess it is the best thing to do.

We also find out about another kind of species living in the depths of the planet. Which makes me wonder, where they always living there? Or did the hamsters take them from somewhere as their pets?

I laughed so many times especially during their escape and them finding their way back to Earth. There are burps, big hamster balls, sewers, and more. It will get dirty and hilarious.

I know this is fiction, and I know that it may be silly, but I am just getting slightly tired of illustrations having the WORST cages for hamsters. I am mostly worried that kids could think that these cages are the ones to have when you get a cute little critter, especially as there are cages like this in pet shops (just like that there are toys one shouldn’t use). In this one the Syrian has just one box, with some tubes. That is NOT enough for hamsters. Especially not one that gets as big as a Syrian. They need tons and tons of room.

All in all, I do want more of Colin’s and Harry’s adventures. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures and mishaps they will have in other books.

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