Review for #Holiday

Review for #Holiday

Hohoho, merry Christmas from Rimmel, Romeo, Braeden, and Ivy! Oh, and Trent, Drew, and Ivy/Braeden’s baby, Nova!

I was a bit hesitant about this book. I loved the first book in the Hashtag series, the second book was eh, I didn’t even try the third book, the fourth book was too much for me (I felt sorry for Ivy, and I hated Braeden). But it is almost Christmas, and I did want to try this one out. And boy, oh boy, this was just as good as that first book. Sweet romance, some cute (but at times too much) sex, hilarious situations, we see Trent again, there is a cute baby (apparently Ivy and Braeden got a baby), it is Christmas (so presents, food, and a gigantic tree).

I loved that Romeo and Braeden got their POVs, we saw them both enjoying their time at the NFL (though wishing they could go home with their family). They were both a bit sweeter towards their ladies, though they still need to lay off on the possessiveness. I loved how sweet Braeden was towards Ivy, that bath scene just made me very happy, though I have to say I also sniffled a bit as they finally had that chat they should have had months ago. But I guess with a tiny kid and a busy career that both weren’t able to talk until this moment when they finally could really be together and have some calm and quiet.

Ah yes, and one thing that I also found eh in the fourth book was the whole Little Sister this, and little sister that thing. Can’t we just have them being friends? Does he have to call her little sister ALL THE TIME. The family thing was cute at first, but after a while I did get a bit eh about it. Romeo even called Ivy/Braeden’s kid his niece… which is technically not true. You are family because of feeling, not by family blood or whatever. Again, I get trying to be cute, but it just went too far for me.

Only thing that seemed off was the time inconsistency. Namely, when Romeo gets stuck with his car after a short chase. Yes, he walks to find a bar, but reading that it seems that it only takes 30 minutes tops before he is able to call his friend, but then you read Braeden’s and find out that guy had a nice (albeit awkward) chat with fans while Rimmel/Romeo were distracting the press, then he retreats to the cabin with his friends, he then steals Ivy for some sweet sex, but he also had good talk with Ivy (which was clearly needed as she felt lonely and unhappy), and then some more sex before Romeo calls. This indicates that hours have gone by. It was quite jarring.

I also want to say that the cover made me very much swoon (though I would have loved if the guy was actually smiling). heart eyes

All in all, a fun and sweet Christmas novella for all those who want more Romeo/Rimmel and Ivy/Braeden in their life.

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